Signal: Use Case

Signal allows you to understand the behaviors that drive customers to convert so that you can make informed decisions on what behaviors you want to incentivize or disincentivize in your product. It provides valuable insights for you if you are interested in driving a certain behavior in your product or are trying to understand how product changes have affected user behavior.

Let’s say you have a music sharing app and you want to understand the correlation between your top events and users who purchase a song on your app. What are the optimal actions that users take before they buy a song?


After you run the correlation, you notice that there is a specific screen users are viewing that has a negative correlation with purchasing a song. Most of the users who viewed that screen did not go on to buy a song.


Now that you have this information, you can use Mixpanel's A/B testing feature to dynamically display the screen that is negatively correlated with the Buy Song event. After you have run the test, you may then decide to completely remove the screen from your app and see a dramatic increase in the amount of users purchasing songs on your app!

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