The "mp_page_view" Event

The Mixpanel JavaScript library used to send the "mp_page_view" event by default. Historically this event was sent to capture all page views. However, Mixpanel disabled the automatic collection of page views in favor of providing the flexibility for users to determine the events that are most important to them. The "mp_page_view" event is therefore not ingested or present in Mixpanel projects. 

Prevent the "mp_page_view" Event from Sending

The "mp_page_view" event is not ingested by Mixpanel servers, and is therefore not turned into an actual event in a Mixpanel project. This event doesn’t count toward data quotas.

You can disable the event from sending by disabling the track_pageview configuration in the mixpanel.init() call. View the mixpanel.init() method description here

mixpanel.init("Insert Project Token", {track_pageview: false})

Tracking Page Views

If you’d like to track a page view, you can do so by adding a track call to the webpage:

mixpanel.track("Page View")

Every time that the page is loaded, this event will send to Mixpanel and be viewable in a project. View this article to learn more about setting up event tracking

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