History Of "mp_page_view" Event

The mp_page_view Event is a vestigial event that the Mixpanel JavaScript library used to send by default to capture all page views. However, Mixpanel disabled the automatic collection of page views in favor of allowing customers to choose the events that are most important to them.

As a result, while the Mixpanel JavaScript library sends the event, it gets ignored by the server and is never ingested into any projects. It can be used as a debugger or check to ensure that the Mixpanel library is initialized on a given page.

At this time, there is no way to remove mp_page_view, but it will not affect your product’s performance or your Mixpanel tracking. The mp_page_view event doesn’t manifest into an actual event within your Mixpanel project and doesn’t count toward your data quotas.

If you’d like to track a page view, you can do so by adding this track call to each page:

mixpanel.track("Page View");

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