Exclude Bot Activity (Android)

If you have an Android app, you may notice activity in Mixpanel coming from Google bots, specifically Calypso AppCrawler.

Filter by the Property “Model” to see where the activity is coming from:


Mixpanel cannot filter incoming data to your project to remove this bot activity, but you can put code in place to prevent the Calypso AppCrawler from logging Mixpanel events in the future.

Specifically, register the Super Property $ignore to true onCreate of the MainActivity:

String Model = Build.MODEL;
if (Model == "Calypso AppCrawler"){
try {
JSONObject superprops = new JSONObject();
superprops.put("$ignore", true);
} catch (JSONException e){
Log.e("MYAPP", "Unable to add properties to JSONObject", e);

Also, you may want to consider changing the Googlebot crawl rate.

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