Filter Organic vs. Paid Users

Analyze your organic vs. paid users to understand their behavior in your product and the value of each. Knowing how paid users perform will guide you on which marketing channels to invest in further.

Mixpanel’s JavaScript library collects the following information by default related to organic vs. paid users:

  • Initial Referrer

  • Initial Referring Domain

  • Referrer

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Campaign

If you don’t see UTM data in your Properties dropdown, you may not be running paid advertisements, or your advertisements are not fitted with UTM parameters. Learn more about setting up UTMs.

Analyze Organic Users

To look at the activity of only users who came to your site organically, eliminate any users from your analysis who came from a paid advertisement (i.e., those with UTM properties attached to the Event), and segment by Initial Referring Domain to see which domains organically drove traffic:


Analyze Paid Users

To analyze only paid users, filter for users who have UTM Medium set, and segment by UTM Source or UTM Campaign to see which ads drive the most desirable user behavior: 

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