Ratios As Percentage Instead Of Decimal


We've made it easy to re-create your existing Formulas reports in Insights, where you can take your analysis a step further. As a result, the Formulas report will no longer be available in Mixpanel after February 20th at 11am PSTSee this Help Center article for more information.

When comparing Events in a Formulas report, the x-axis will show decimals and not percentages. This is because not all Formulas produce percentages (depending on what Events you’re comparing, some will produce absolutes).

However, if your Formula does yield a decimal and you’d like it to be a percentage in the chart instead, you can multiply the numerator by 100:

*Limited by plan type

Access to the Formulas report is available for customers on a Startup or Enterprise plan - visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade.


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