Daily Active Users (DAU) And Monthly Active Users (MAU)

To track your daily active users (DAU) and/or monthly active users (MAU) with Mixpanel, the first step is defining an active user for your app or site.

Define an Active User

Do users simply have to launch your app or load a page to be considered active? Or do you only consider them active if they have done some key action (like requesting a car for a rideshare app or playing a song for a media product)?

Because different businesses define what makes a user “active”, Mixpanel doesn’t calculate default DAU and MAU numbers for you. However, once you’ve defined what “active user” means to your business, it’s easy to create DAU and MAU reports. Here are a couple ways to define active users in the Mixpanel interface:

Use the Custom Event builder to define a set of events that are performed by active users.Custom events reflect the union of multiple events or event segments (Event A or Event B or Event C, etc.).

Filter for Active Users


The Insights line chart can be used to build simple DAU and MAU charts over time. To start, select a custom event that represents an active user. To assure that the chart shows user counts, select the “Show Unique” option from the drop down above the event to show unique user counts instead of total actions. You can then choose the date range and time units in the Time menu to the right (choose Day for DAU or Month for MAU). Select the Line chart option to view the DAU or MAU count over time. Finally, click the + in the upper right to save your DAU and MAU charts to your dashboard for future reference.


Use the same custom event in a Recurring Retention report to see DAU and MAU and how often they are coming back to your app or site. For example, this report looks at monthly active users for the custom event called Core User Activity; the numbers in the People column represent the number of active users for that month, and the percentages to the right show how many of those MAU come back in later months:



To build a more powerful DAU/MAU report and analyze your active users over longer time periods, use Mixpanel Platform. View tutorial on building DAU/MAU reports in Platform.

*Limited by plan type

Cohorts is available on Enterprise plans.

Free accounts can only bookmark up to five reports. Free, Startup, and Enterprise accounts can create one, three, and 15 custom apps in Mixpanel Platform, respectively - visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade.


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