Missing Events, Properties, or Property values

There are four reasons why you might not be seeing Event names, Property names, or Property values in your dropdowns that you had before:

  1. A member of your team has chosen to hide certain Events and/or Properties*.
  2. The Event, Property, or Property value for which you’re searching has not been sent to Mixpanel in 30 days, so it has been automatically hidden from the dropdowns.
  3. The event was sent using Autotrack and will not show up in the following locations: Live View, Applications, Predict, JQL, Export APIs and People Profile Activity Feeds.
  4. If an Event or Property is detected as unexpected in a Data Audit, the Event/Property will be hidden in the project until marked as resolved. 

If the Events or Properties were hidden manually, you can un-hide them in Lexicon under the Data Management tab.

Click the Data Management tab at the top of Mixpanel and select Lexicon from the dropdown.


*Limited by plan type

The ability to manually hide Events and Properties is available only to customers on an Enterprise plan - visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade.

Revive Automatically Hidden Events and Properties

Hiding Event names, Property names, and Property values not sent to Mixpanel within the last 30 days is intended to declutter users’ space in dropdown menus. If you find that an Event, Property, or Property value was hidden that you would like to select in the dropdown, you can force it to reappear by firing that Event or Property again. Once it’s been re-triggered, it will reappear in the dropdowns with all historical data.

If the automatically hidden item in question was an Event, note that once an Event gets re-triggered, you can create a Custom Event with the unfiltered, historical Event selected as the sole parameter. Custom Events are not automatically hidden after 30 days, so moving forward, this will prevent the Event from being removed from dropdowns again.

If Refiring the Hidden Event or Property is Not Possible...

If you’re not able to restore the hidden Event or Property by refiring it, which tends to be the simplest solution, there are other options:

Manually resurface the data: Alter the URL, replacing an existing Event or Property with the one you’d like to see.

  • For Events, select one Event (not a Custom Event) from the Your Top Events dropdown in Insights. In this case, say you selected your Event called "Searched", and you want to see your automatically hidden event called "Registered". The beginning of your URL will look something like this: 


    Replace arb_event:Searched with arb_event:Registered, and now you will be able to see the data for that hidden Event. 

  • For Properties or Property values, you can similarly select the Event you want to look at and then some other Property (in this case, say we’ve selected Browser, but we want to resurface our hidden Property Date of Payment). Find the Browser property in the URL, and replace it with the Property you want to see. For example:



    property:(name:'Date of Payment',source:properties,type:string)

Export the data you need without the Mixpanel UI: If you want to see the data for an automatically hidden Events without leveraging the Mixpanel UI, you can export your project data to see historical data.

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