Delete People Profiles

You may find find that you want to delete People Profiles for a variety of reasons. For example, if you’ve accidentally imported a batch of profiles incorrectly, have an identity management issue that leads to profile duplication, or have gone over your profile quota and want to delete inactive profiles. Mixpanel offers several options for deleting People Profiles from your project depending on how many you want to delete and your level of technical expertise.

Important Note:

Whichever route you choose for deleting People Profiles, please keep in mind that deletion is PERMANENT and cannot be reverted, so delete with caution!

Delete a Single People Profile

You can delete individual People Profiles by navigating to Explore under Users to see a list of all your people profiles.


Select a profile from the list and then click the Delete button at the top of the profile.


It’s not possible to bulk delete via the Mixpanel UI. We have intentionally not included this feature to prevent accidental bulk deletion.

Bulk Delete with Mixpanel-API Module

Mixpanel provides an API module to make it easy to delete your profiles. Get access to the API module here. For a quick jump directly to the People Delete section - you can head here.

Bulk Delete with Personal API Script

Deleting profiles in bulk can be done as a People update via the API.

  1. Make a call to the /engage endpoint for a specific $distinct_id value.

  2. Use the $delete update operation to eliminate a profile.

Learn more about the $delete update operation.

For example, if you want to delete the People Profile with distinct_id 12345, you would send the following payload:

$token": "yourMixpanelProjectToken", "$distinct_id": "12345", "$delete": "" }
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