Why are iPhone applications reporting Operating System as either “iOS” or “iPhone OS?”

Mixpanel’s iOS library uses a standardized system value provided by Apple to define the Operating System property for end users. This value is determined like this:


Historically, the value for Operating System returned by Apple has been “iPhone OS,” which can be seen within Mixpanel reporting. In certain versions of iOS 9 and for apps published post-Xcode 8 running iOS 10, Apple has replaced the value for “iPhone OS” with “iOS.”

This change results in disjointed Operating System values:


How can I view all of my iOS data in a single report?

To quantify iPhone activity, you can combine the data for “iPhone OS” and “iOS” by simply selecting both items in the property dropdown:


How can I compare data coming from multiple platforms?

Use the Mixpanel Library property to compare the data coming from multiple platforms within the same report (for example Android and iOS). Mixpanel automatically sends the Mixpanel Library property, and it can be used to see where your data came from:


In some scenarios, the above solution does not work since the Mixpanel Library reported is attributed to a third-party library not managed by Mixpanel. If you find yourself in this situation please email support@mixpanel.com and explain your end goal. We would be happy to discuss other potential options for viewing cross-platform data with you.

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