How can I create custom combinations of events?


Create custom combinations of events by making a Custom Event within Mixpanel. Custom Events allow you to define a group of users based on existing events and properties and then use that group just like you would a regular event in all your reports.

Note that customers on an Enterprise plan can create unlimited Custom Events, but customers on the Startup and Free plans can create 15 and one Custom Event per project, respectively. Visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade.

How to add a custom event

  1. From the Event dropdown within any report, select +CREATE A CUSTOM EVENT.
  2. Select the Events and Properties you’d like to include.
  3. Name your Custom Event, and click SAVE.


Example use case

Imagine your business has two ways for users to spend money: they can purchase an item from your store or subscribe to a service that you offer. You represent each of these actions with Mixpanel events named "Item purchased" and "Subscription created," respectively. Later, you decide that you want to setup a funnel to track how many users are logging in and then spending any money at all. So what do you do?

You can create a Custom Event containing "Item purchased" and "Subscription created," and then save it as "Spent money.” Now you can use the "Spent money" Custom Event as a funnel step just like a regular event. Then, any time a user performs an "Item purchased" or "Subscription created" action, they'll be included in that step. You can also use this new custom event in your other reports, like Segmentation or Retention.

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