Why measure events vs. page views?


The specific action a customer takes in your application gives you more insight into how they use your product than you can gain by measuring the number of pages they visit. Actionable, event-based metrics provide insight, guidance and can help you make better decisions. Every company has something unique to them that determines their success. Think about your business and decide whether tweets, video plays, purchases or something else entirely is the best metric to bet your business on.

Actions will tell you more about what is going on.

How do I track a page view

There are certain instances where tracking a page view is valid. To do so it's quite simple:

mixpanel.track('page viewed', {
    'page name' : document.title,
    'url' : window.location.pathname

We would advise tracking certain page views instead of all of them as you will accumulate lots of data points.

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