Create Optional Steps In Funnels

There are two approaches to create optional steps in your Funnels report:

1. Custom Events


You can combine events to create a custom event. This allows you to create Funnels where a single step can be triggered by one even OR another.


  Plan Type Limits

  • Free: Only 1 Custom Event
  • Startup: Up to 15 Custom Events
  • Enterprise: Unlimited Custom Events

See our Pricing Page for more details.

2. Multiple Funnels

Create multiple Funnels representing different possible user paths and compare the conversion rates between them to see which steps produce the highest conversion. For example, if your funnel is A-B-C-D and A, D are mandatory but B, C aren't, your first funnel would simply be the conversion from A to D. Then your other funnels could be A-B-D, A-C-D, A-B-C-D, etc.

  Keep In Mind

Funnels follows loose ordering principles. This means your users can still engage in other actions between the steps you've defined


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