Can I create optional steps in my Funnel report?

Mixpanel does not have a way to designate optional steps in the Funnel builder. However, there are two approaches that will allow you to analyze different, perhaps optional, steps that a user could take along the way:

  1. Leverage Custom Events* in your Funnel to look at users who did Event A OR Event B.
  2. Create multiple Funnels representing different possible user paths and compare the conversion rates between them to see which steps produce the highest conversion. For example, if your funnel is A-B-C-D and A, D are mandatory but B, C aren't, your first funnel would simply be the conversion from A to D. Then your other funnels could be A-B-D, A-C-D, A-B-C-D, etc.


Mixpanel Funnels require that the steps you designate be completed in loose order. This means that a customer can engage in other actions in between steps as long as they ultimately complete all the Funnel steps in the correct order.


*Limited by plan type

Enterprise plans can create unlimited Custom Events, but Startup and free plans can create 15 and one Custom Event per project, respectively - visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade. 


For more on Mixpanel Funnels:

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