Limited Event History In Live View

The default view in Live View will show up to the 50 latest Events sent into your Mixpanel project. Live View does not show events older than 7 days. When you apply an Event or Property filter, Mixpanel looks through one minute worth of events per project, but no fewer than 2k and no more than 100k.

For example:
  1.  Customer ingesting 1k events per day - Mixpanel will have two days worth of events for that customer.
  2. Customer ingesting 5k events per minute - Mixpanel will have one minute (5k) events for that customer.
  3. Customer ingesting 150k events per minute - Mixpanel will have 100k events for that customer. 

After applying an Event or Property filter, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen like this, which reflects the timestamp of the 10,000th oldest event at the time you apply the filter:


Live View is designed primarily to help review the state of the latest data as it comes in for debugging and QA purposes. At this time, there isn't a way to change the range in Live View to look at more events or a longer time period.

Live View will always store at least the 2000 most recent events sent to your project. Beyond this, Mixpanel will store all events sent in the last minute based on their ingestion time up to a limit of 100,000.

See More Data

Data available in Live View is generally available elsewhere in Mixpanel, so you can look at other reports to see more data or a longer time period:

  • If you are filtering for a specific Event and want to see more historical data on that Event, select that Event in Insights for additional analysis.

  • If you are looking to study the activity of a specific user, view that user’s profile in Explore to see more data.

If you absolutely want to view the raw data coming into your project or apply more advanced filtering, please use JQL for further analysis.

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