Export Survey Results

For historical use only

Mixpanel Mobile Surveys were deprecated in March 2017 and are no longer supported

The Surveys tab does not have a button where survey results may be exported to CSV. Instead, use JQL to quickly pull the results of your survey by survey ID. Note that the ability to export to CSV is available only to customers on an Enterprise plan - visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade.

Find the Survey ID

To find the ID of the survey you wish to export:

  • Open your project and click Surveys.
  • Click on the desired survey.
  • Grab the survey ID from the URL - in this example, the survey ID is 3225::


Run Query

Once you have the survey ID, click Applications > JQL and enter the following query, replacing your_survey_id in this example.

function main() {
  var survey_id = your_survey_id;
  return People(
    var isSurvey = false;
    var surveyId = survey_id
    _.each(user.properties.$answers, function(v,k) {
        if(v.$survey_id == surveyId)
          isSurvey = true
    return isSurvey
  }).map(function(user) {
    var surveyId = survey_id;
    var answers = {};
    _.each(user.properties.$answers, function(v,k) {
        if(v.$survey_id == surveyId){
          answers["Collection ID"] = v.$collection_id;
          answers["Question ID - " + v.$question_id] = v.$value;
    return {
      "distinct_id": user.distinct_id,
      "Email": user.properties.$email,
      "City": user.properties.$city,
      "Suvery": answers

Click RUN QUERY followed by EXPORT, and you will then have an export of your survey results.

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