What timezone does Mixpanel use, and how can I change it?

Mixpanel handles Event times and timezones as follows:

  • Mixpanel records all Events assuming a UTC timezone at intake.

  • Before writing the Event to Mixpanel data stores, Mixpanel converts the timezone to your project timezone. So for example, if a project is set to Pacific time (UTC -8), Mixpanel subtracts eight hours from the timestamp before it is recorded in the database.

  • If you change your project timezone, this will only change the conversion applied to new Events. Old Events will remain recorded in your project’s previous timezone.

Change your timezone

By default, Mixpanel will set your project timezone to Pacific time. If you’re the project owner, you can change the project’s timezone by selecting the Settings gear in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project and selecting Project settings from the dropdown:


Then change your timezone settings under the Management tab


Timezone tips and best practices

  • Generally speaking, it is not recommended that you change your project’s timezone if you have already sent Events to Mixpanel since only Events sent after the change will reflect the new timezone.

  • If you do change your project timezone, after the change, you may see a brief gap or double-counting of events in your data (depending on which timezone you switched from and to). However, this will self-correct as soon as the hours of time difference have passed.

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