Templates for Tracking Plans

Tracking plan templates guide how to implement Mixpanel based on an industry vertical.

The tracking plan should clearly outline the events, event properties, super properties, and user properties needed to align a Mixpanel implementation with quantifiable KPIs and business goals. The following templates provide a framework based on industry to inform your tracking plan creation.

Vertical Specific Tracking Plans

Mixpanel provides the following light templates for vertical-specific tracking plans:

If you'd like to see another vertical-specific tracking plan that isn't available yet, please post your feedback in Mixpanel Community.

Professional Services

Mixpanel also offers Professional Services to ensure your success with user analytics - from implementation to ongoing support and technical consultation.

While the templates above can guide an implementation, they do not cover as much as Mixpanel consultants do when working directly with you and your team.

Please contact Mixpanel if you'd like guidance through the process of building out an analytics measurement framework and the corresponding data schema specific to your business and objectives. 


The step after creating a tracking plan is implementation. View how to set up your tracking after you create a tracking plan. 

Also refer to our developer documentation to see procedures specific to implementation type.

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