No Data Received After Implementation

If you’ve added the Mixpanel JavaScript snippet to your website but are still seeing this message:


You’re almost there! Mixpanel doesn’t track Events by default, so choose at least one Event you want to track, and add a line of code to start sending that data to Mixpanel. For example, if you want to track a simple page load Event, you could add the following in the <body> of your site:

<script type="text/javascript">
mixpanel.track("Page Loaded");

Why can’t I just add the snippet and be finished?

Mixpanel’s JavaScript snippet loads the Mixpanel library and gets everything in place for Event tracking. However, Event tracking calls are not included automatically in the snippet. Pasting the Mixpanel snippet without adding track calls is sort of like trying to make a milkshake but hitting “start” on the blender before putting in the ice cream.

The power of Mixpanel is that it is a completely customizable, event-driven analytics platform. So instead of tracking a standard set of default metrics that are of limited use to most businesses, Mixpanel allows you to choose exactly what you track to ensure that the data you’re collecting is specific and pertinent to your needs.

Not sure what to track? Check out our sample tracking plans to help get organized.

Or, check out the weekly getting started webinar, which will walk you through adding your snippet and first mixpanel.track() call as well as the basics of Mixpanel reporting.

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