How is Mixpanel different from Google Analytics?

Mixpanel differs from Google Analytics in one major way: instead of tracking page views, it tracks the actions people take in your mobile or web application. We think that tracking page views isn't a good way to measure how your business is doing. Instead, we believe that measuring engagement (what a user is doing in your app) is better because it's more indicative of people actually using your product.

Here are a few ways that Mixpanel is different:

  1. Mixpanel provides a better event tracking model

  2. Instant & real-time data analysis - Google Analytics reports tend to lag by about an hour (and more if you're a bigger customer)

  3. Retroactive funnel analysis - Google Analytics forces customers to specify the steps of their funnel in advance and is only forward looking. With Mixpanel, you can always build your funnel later and analyze how users are going through it. You don't need to think in advance about the funnels you may want to create.

  4. Comprehensive cohort or retention analysis - Mixpanel's retention analysis allows you to measure whether new or power users come back and use your app again. It also allows you to determine the frequency that they use your app. Google Analytics does not do this.

  5. Customer support - Google Analytics does not provide high-quality customer support if you encounter a bug or don't understand a report. We offer this to all customers whether you're a free customer of ours or a paid one.

  6. Improved data accuracy - Google Analytics relies exclusively on keeping track of users via a cookie (the average time of a cookie expires in 30 days). With Mixpanel, you can utilize a user_id or any other id that makes sense for your business which will always last longer than a cookie.

  7. Mobile A/B testing - Mixpanel provides mobile a/b testing that is easy for developers or non-technical people. Google Analytics does not offer any easy way to do mobile a/b testing.

  8. Your data is your data - Unlike Google Analytics, Mixpanel will never use your data for advertising purposes. Our sole goal is to help you understand your data and to tell you something surprising about your business.

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