What are the different roles available to Mixpanel project members?

Default roles (Owner and Admin)

Each Mixpanel project has only one owner. Unless the ownership has been transferred to someone else, the owner is the person who created the project.

By default, every additional project team member you add will be an Admin and will have full access to most features of Mixpanel:


Access to more granular user permissions than these default roles is only available to customers on Enterprise plans. Please visit the pricing page for additional details.

Team Member Roles*

When the Team Member Roles feature is enabled, two additional role (Analyst and Consumer) are available:

Analysts have the ability to view and create all reports in Mixpanel as well as add and delete bookmarks, but they cannot create any external marketing communications or manage team member roles.

Consumers can view reports others have created but cannot edit/delete existing reports or save their own. They cannot create any external marketing communications or view any settings besides the “Management” tab. This is the most limited access role available.

If you have Team Member Roles enabled, you can view your team or change these roles by clicking on your name in the upper righthand corner of your project and selecting Project settings from the dropdown:


You can add new team members for specific roles in the same menu or via the Invite people button in the bottom lefthand corner of your Mixpanel project.

Summary of accessible features by role


*Limited by plan type

Team Member Roles are only available to customers on an Enterprise plan - visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade.


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