Project Ownership

Mixpanel project owners control security and administrative settings, payments, plans, and manage team member roles. By default, the user that creates the project will be the project owner.

Project Ownership and Mixpanel Plans

Accounts in Mixpanel are linked to the email address provided at registration, and not to a company level or enterprise type account. In order to have a payment plan apply to a Mixpanel project, the project owner must have the email address that was used to purchase the plan.

A Mixpanel account is linked to the individual email address that purchased the plan, regardless of plan type. It is important to consider what individual email address to use upon plan purchase, as this will determine who should be the Mixpanel project owner.

If a project owner purchases a plan, it will be applied to the project. If any project member that is not the project owner purchases a plan, it will not be applied to the project.

To exemplify this, envision that Marco is an owner of projects “Alpha”, “Beta”, and “Delta”, and he is a member of “Omega” and “Psi”. If Marco purchases an annual 50K People plan, it is applied to projects “Alpha”, “Beta”, and “Delta”. The plan is NOT applied to projects “Omega” and “Psi”. This diagram illustrates the example.

If there is an issue with ownership, verify that the Mixpanel account holder is the owner. To check which member of your team owns the project, click the settings gear in the upper righthand corner of the Mixpanel projectand select Project settings and then select the Team tab. Team member roles are listed on the right side of each member’s name. Learn more about team member roles here.

Transferring Project Ownership

A project owner can transfer ownership from within the Mixpanel project by clicking the settings gear in the upper righthand corner of the Mixpanel project and selecting Project settings from the dropdown to bring up the Management menu:



Only project owners will see these Management options; project members cannot transfer the project between accounts.

Project owners can transfer ownership to any of the current project members. If the new owner is not visible in the dropdown pictured below, they must first be added as a member of the project.


Project Owner Has Left the Company

If it’s not possible for the project owner to transfer ownership because he or she has already left the company, the best solution is if someone at the company is still able to access his or her email account, use to reset the account password. From there, log in to the project as the owner and use the directions above to transfer the account.

Otherwise, if no one at the company is able to access the previous owner’s email account anymore, contact Mixpanel for help. For security reasons, Mixpanel support cannot transfer projects without permission from the project owner, but the team can work directly with your IT department to ensure the transfer is done securely.

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