Create and Manage Projects

Organization owners and admins can create projects from Organizations Settings.  


For more information about organization and project roles and permissions, see Roles and Permissions.

For additional information to manage project settings, see Project Settings.

Creating Projects

To create a new Mixpanel project:

  1. In "ORGANIZATION SETTINGS", click Projects at the left-side menu.
  2. Click Create Project. A popup will appear.
  3. Enter a name for the project and click Create Project.
  4. Choose the residency of your data. ATTENTION! This can't be changed once the project is created.
  5. Choose the timezone of your project.
  6. Click on "Create"

The new project will appear now in the list of projects.


IMPORTANT! The data residency of a project can't be changed once the project is created.

Filtering Projects by Team

You can filter your projects by team to see all the projects that are assigned to a specific project.

To filter projects by a team, click the Filter By drop-down menu. Note you can also click Reset Filter to remove previous filters.


Viewing Project Information

To view project information:

  1. In "ORGANIZATION SETTINGS", click Projects.
  2. Click a project. You’ll see information about project details, usage statistics, and access keys.

Project Details

You can edit the name of the project and its timezone. To edit, click the Pencil icon in the "Name" and "Timezone" fields.


This table describes the type of details Mixpanel provides for your project.




The name of the organization where the project is.

Project ID

The ID number of the project

Data Residency

Where the data centers hosting the data pool of this project are located.


The time zone you assign the project.

Created By

The name of the user who created the project.

Date created

The date when the project was created.

Access URL

The URL where you can access the project.


Usage Statistics

"USAGE STATISTICS" indicates how many events and user profiles have been triggered in a project.


Access Keys

This table provides the values for the project token and the API secret. The token is necessary when setting up your tracking. There is more information on the API secret and project token in the project settings article. 





The required token to access this project.

API Secret

The required API secret to access your project.

Deleting Projects

To delete a project:

  1. In "ORGANIZATION SETTINGS", click Projects.
  2. Select the project you want to delete.
  3. Above the “Project Details” section, click Delete Project. A delete box appears and indicates you won’t be able to access the project in the Mixpanel interface or API. Mixpanel will store a backup of the deleted project and will delete the data based on the data retention policy.
  4. Click Delete Project to remove the project.

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