Free Plan Details

All customers on Mixpanel’s free plan can send up to 20 million data points (Events) per month and have up to 1,000 People Profiles. For additional details on the specific features available on the free plan, visit the pricing page.

What happens if I exceed the free plan Event or People limits?

If you exceed the 20 million data point or 1,000 People Profile limit, you will lose access to that section of Mixpanel either until the next month when your data point count resets or until your People Profile count falls back under 1,000. Visit the pricing page for details on other plans that may better suit your volume needs.

How come I can't create more custom events?

With a free plan, you are limited to 1 custom event. If you need more, please consider one of the other available Mixpanel plans on our pricing page.

Can I purchase access to additional features to supplement a la carte to supplement my free plan?

At this time, it’s not possible to purchase access to certain features a la carte. Please visit the pricing page to choose a plan better suited for you based on the features you’d like to access.

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