What happens if I send more data points than my plan allows?

Free plan

If you send more data points than your plan allows:

  • Mixpanel will continue to collect your data and store your People Profiles.
  • You will not lose your data that you send while you’re over quota.
  • You will lose access to your Engagement reports and/or People reports if you go over your limit on data points or People Profiles, respectively.
  • You can regain access to your reports by upgrading your plan online or by contacting inquiries@mixpanel.com to purchase an Enterprise plan.
  • You will receive automated warnings about your data caps to alert you before going over your limit(s).

Paid plans

If you send more data points than your plan allows:

  • You will not lose access to your reports.
  • You will be automatically charged per data point for all data you use over your allotted limit.
  • You will be charged our à la carte rate (20% above normal plan rates) for each additional data point you send to us through the end of your billing period.
  • Your overage charges for the current month will be listed on the receipt for the next month.

View Old Receipts

To view receipts for the last 12 months, select the drop-down menu under your initials (top-right corner) and navigate to Account > Billing Plans

Receipts are visible to the Project Owner only

If you send more data than your plan allows, we recommend checking out the pricing page and switching to a different plan that works better for your datapoint use to avoid overage charges in future months. Annual plans give you a data limit per year, which is advantageous for businesses with seasonal spikes.

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