Exceeding Data Allowance

MTU Pricing Transition

Mixpanel transitioned to a Monthly Tracked Users (MTU) billing system in 2019. Read this blog post to learn more about the switch to billing for Monthly Trackers Users.

Free Plan

If you send more data points than your free plan allows:

  • Mixpanel will continue to collect your data - including data sent while over quota.
  • After an account exceeds the free quota, you will retain access to your reports for 5 days. After 5 days, you must purchase a paid plan to regain access.
  • Data allowances are reset every month. You will also regain access to Mixpanel when the limit resets the following month.

Paid Plans

View Old Receipts

To view receipts for the last 12 months, navigate to ORGANIZATION SETTINGS and under Billing Information select the Receipts tab.

Receipts will be visible to all organization members with Billing permission (Billing Admins and Owners). 

If you send more data than your subscription cap, consider upgrading to avoid additional data charges and gain a volume discount.  

Additional Data Charges

If you send more data than your paid subscription allows:

  • You will retain access to the product.
  • You will be charged an à la carte rate for any data you use over your allotted limit. The additional data rate for plans purchased online is 120% of the plan's unit price. 
  • Additional Data charges accrued for the current month will be listed on the following month's receipt.

View the additional data rate for your paid plan in Organization Settings > Plan Details & Billing

Alerts for Additional Data Charges

Billing Admins and Organizations Owners  paying for Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) receive alert emails when their account exceeds their subscription cap by the following percentages: 85%, 100%, 110%, 120%, 200%, 300% and 500%. Email addresses that are CC'd on receipts will also be CC'd on à la carte data rate charge alert emails.

Furthermore, when the billing owner logs into mixpanel.com, they will see a popup if their account has exceeded their subscription cap by the following percentages: 100%, 110% and 120%.

Read more about MTU billing plans here.

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