People Pricing FAQ

Mixpanel’s new People pricing plan provides savings for customers who choose to purchase an annual people plan. The new annual plans are structured as buckets of 50k people profiles. Each 50k bucket will cost $999/annually. You can add additional annual plans (up to a total of 10) for $999/year per bucket.

Let's say you need 95k people profiles, you can purchase two annual plans at $999 each for a total of $1,998.00 annually for up to 100k people profiles.

Alternatively, if you would like to be on a monthly plan, you have the option to purchase buckets of 50k people profiles for $150/month. You can add additional 50k buckets to your plan (up to a total of 10) for $150/month per bucket. For example, if you want 300k profiles on a monthly pricing plan, you will need to buy six 50k buckets, at $150/month per bucket, for a total of $900/month.

If you need more than 500k profiles (10 buckets), please reach out to your Account Executive or

Will I be automatically switched to a new People plan?

If you are already paying for a Mixpanel People plan, you will not be automatically switched to the new people pricing plan. This change will not impact what you are paying for your current Mixpanel people plan.

You are free to stay on your current legacy pricing plan, however, if you would like to make any changes or upgrades to your plan, it will be a part of the new people pricing plan.

For more information on the new People pricing plans please see the Mixpanel Pricing Page.

What if I decided to upgrade from a monthly to an annual plan and I have already paid for the month?

If you decide to upgrade to an annual plan part way through the month and you have already paid for the monthly plan, the cost of your current monthly plan will be credited towards your new annual plan.

Let’s say you pay for a monthly plan in January and decide on January 15th that you would like to upgrade to an annual plan. Your annual plan will be considered to have started on Jan 1 and whatever you have already paid toward January will be credited against your new plan.

How will this impact my current pricing plan?

This will not impact what you are paying for your current Mixpanel pricing plan. Current Mixpanel People customers will remain on the same plan and will be unaffected unless you choose to move to a new plan.

What happens if I go over my allocation of People profiles?

With the new People pricing plan, going over your people profiles will result in an overage charge. 

The overage formula for accounts with an Annual People Plan is: 

(Plan Price/Profile Allowance/12) * 1.2 = Cost for each additional People profile

For example, if you have the $999/yr annual 50K profiles People Plan, your overage rate would be:

(999/50,000/12) *1.2 = $0.001998 per additional profile over 50K

In this scenario, the overage fee for an extra 10,000 People profiles would be $19.98 per month

The overage fee for an extra 20,000 People profiles would be $39.96 per month, and so on.

For customers on a legacy People plan, there will be no change in how overages are charged. Overages for these plans are prorated at the price of the plan, with no premium charged.

If you are on a Free plan and you exceed the 1k profile limit, your Mixpanel People account will be blocked, meaning you cannot access the Explore Report, Notifications and Revenue, until you upgrade to a paid plan or remove the profiles causing the overage.

For more information on deleting people profiles, please see How do I delete People Profiles from my project?

Can I customize my billing plan?

Custom billing plans are available for Enterprise customers. If you would like to switch to an Enterprise plan and you are already on a Startup Engagement plan, please reach out to your Account Executive. If you are unsure of who that is or you do not have an AE, please reach out to and our team will connect you with a Sales Representative.

Can I purchase a plan between 1k and 50k People profiles?

On a paid plan, the minimum amount of profiles is 50k for $999/year or $150/month. You cannot choose to purchase any amount between the Free plan (1k profiles) and the paid plan (50k profiles).

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