Out Of Order: Events In Liveview And Activity Feed

Events in Live view and in the Activity Feed may sometimes appear out of order (i.e., an event that occurs after another event is listed first); for example:


Events may appear out of order here if:

  • You have events that fire in close succession, sometimes causing the two events to have the exact same timestamp (down to the second). When Mixpanel receives events with the same timestamp, the order of the events in Live view and the Activity Feed is nondeterministic.

  • You have events coming from mobile user(s), especially those with poor connection. Events coming from apps using the iOS or Android SDK queue as they are performed and are flushed every 60 seconds, which commonly causes events from mobile to come to Live View or Activity Feeds out of order. Also, in the case of poor connection, any unsuccessful attempts to flush that queue and send data to Mixpanel get repeated for up to five days until there is active connection to send the data. These queued events will send with their original timestamp in Live view and the Activity Feed.

How will out-of-order events affect my data?

Seeing events out of order in Live view or in Activity Feeds, or having events with identical timestamps, will generally not affect other parts of your reporting. Mixpanel employs a two-second grace window on Funnel and Retention reports so that if you do have events that launch simultaneously, Funnel reports will not break.

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