Add Or Remove People From Project

To invite people to your project, select Invite people from the Settings Gear.



Enter their email address and select their role.

  Enterprise Feature

Team Member Roles are an Enterprise feature. View the permissions matrix for both Default Roles and Team Member Roles in Project Member Roles.

New Mixpanel users will receive an invitation email. Users with an existing Mixpanel account will not get an email; they will simply be added to that project. The next time they login they will be able to see the project you just added them to in the project drop-down found in the top left corner of the screen.


Any team member can invite people to a shared project. The people you invite need to create a Mixpanel account under the same email address that the invitation was sent to.

Add People to Projects

The number of people that you can invite to each project depends on the Engagement plan you are on:

  • Free: Includes the ability to invite two other team members
  • Startup: Includes the ability to invite four other team members
  • Enterprise: Unlimited team members

For People plans this is capped at three team members per project, unless you have a Paid Engagement plan.

Visit the pricing page for more information or to upgrade for access to invite more team members.

Remove Project Members

Note: Only project owners can remove team members from a project.

To remove a project member:

  1. Click your name in the upper righthand corner of the Mixpanel project.
  2. Select Project settings from the dropdown.
  3. Click Team, where you will see a list of your project members - all project members will have a small "x" to the right when you hover over their names.
  4. Click X next to the name of the user you want to remove, and they will no longer have access to your project.

When removing project members, anything they’ve created (like report bookmarks and notifications) will remain and will not be deleted.

Troubleshoot Project Invitations

No Access to Project After Invitation Sent to a Mixpanel Account User

Before contacting Customer Support, follow these steps if you were invited to a Mixpanel project and have a Mixpanel account, but can't access the project.

  1. Check your Project Menu in the upper left corner of the Mixpanel UI.
    • If you already had a Mixpanel account when you were invited to the project, you will not receive an email. Instead the project will appear instantly in your Project Menu.

  2. Request a project member to invite you again
    • If you received a project invitation email and then created a Mixpanel account without using the link in the invitation email, you need to be invited again. Once you are invited again, the project should appear in your Project Menu.

No Access to Project After Invitation Sent to a Non Mixpanel Account User

If you were invited to a Mixpanel project and do not have a Mixpanel account, you should have received an invitation email.

If you do not see a project invitation email in your inbox, check your spam folders for an email formatted as follows before contacting Customer Support:

From:        Mixpanel <>
subject:     Mixpanel - Invitation from [PROJECT MEMBER/OWNER]

Body of Message: “...invited you to check out their analytics project and we’re excited to have you join their team. To get started, just click the link below to dive into the team’s data…”

Note: If your company uses Single Sign On or Two Factor Authentication, contact Customer Support.



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