Merge Or Combine Mixpanel Projects

If for any reason you need to combine two or more Mixpanel projects, it is possible to do so. A few things to consider before proceeding with the merge to ensure you maintain data integrity:

  • If you're using the alias method, bear in mind that aliases are project specific. As such, before importing data into the new project from the old project, you'd need to recreate the aliases from your old project. Mixpanel does not have the ability to provide a historical table of your project’s aliases.

  • Merging projects involves exporting and importing data, so to make sure you only have to go through the process once, ensure you have stopped sending data to the old project(s) before beginning to export.

How to Merge

To merge projects:

  1. Stop sending data to the old project(s).
  2. Begin sending all data to the new project.
  3. Once the old project has completely stopped receiving data, export that data via the raw data export API and import the data into the new project via Mixpanel’s import API.

Additional Tips

  • When you export raw event data, the timestamps on those events will be in the timezone of your project.

  • Before importing into your new project, convert those timestamps to UTC so that they are correctly transformed to the timezone of the new project.

  • Read more about timezones and how Mixpanel handles time.

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