I paid for an event plan so why are my projects still locked?

If your projects are still locked even though you paid for Mixpanel, most likely you are a member of the project but not the project owner, and only the project owner is able to affect the project’s monthly event quota and user profile limit.

In other words, the account on which Mixpanel is purchased also must be the account that owns the project(s).

Another reason your project might be locked is that you paid for an Events plan, but you are receiving an overage message on People reports, or vice versa, so double check that the message you’re receiving is for the plan you’ve paid for.

How do I know who owns my project(s)?

To find the owner of a project:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Click your name in the upper righthand corner.
  3. Select Project settings from the dropdown.
  4. Click on Team - the owner will be listed first and have Owner next to his or her name.

What do I do if I accidentally purchased Mixpanel with the wrong account?

If you accidentally bought Mixpanel with an account other than the owner’s account, you have a few options:

  • Transfer ownership of the project(s) to the user who paid for Mixpanel. To do this:
    1. Have the current project owner open the project in question.
    2. Click the name in the upper righthand corner and select Project settings from the dropdown.
    3. Under Options, Click Transfer Project.
    4. Select the billing owner from the list and click Transfer Project to complete the transfer.
  • Transfer the paid plan and billing information to the current project owner. To do this, the person who purchased the plan should email support@mixpanel.com with the following information:
    1. A message saying that you purchased a plan but are not the project owner and would like to transfer the plan.
    2. Whether or not you’d also like to transfer the billing information currently associated with that plan.
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