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MTU Pricing Transition

Mixpanel is transitioning to a Monthly Tracked Users (MTU) billing system. The plans described in this article are legacy plans. Read this blog post to learn more about the switch to billing for Monthly Trackers Users.

For People/Engagement plans, a project owner can see how many data points have been sent or how much of an Engagement and People plan has been consumed in Organization Settings or Project Settings. Note that only the project owner has access to this information and that other team members who view Organization or Project settings will not see accurate data point tallies here.

For MTU plans, the billing owner or admin can view the current MTU tally under Organization Settings. Learn more about MTU billing plans here.

Organization Settings

To see how much of a plan has been consumed, select your initials in the upper right of Mixpanel and select the Organization name under Organization Settings.


People & Engagement Plans

Under the "Overview" tab you can see the percentage of your Engagement and People plans that have been consumed. This organization is new, so there are no data points yet.


To view data usage by individual project, select the Projects tab.


MTU Billing Plans

Under "Overview" billing owners and billing admins can see the current MTU tally for the organization.


You can also view MTU tally per project by clicking on Projects in the left menu.


Project Settings

To see how many data points have been used in a People/Engagement plan, select the settings gear and select the project name under Project Settings.


Under the Overview tab you can see how many data points you’ve sent and how many People Profiles you have for that specific project.


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