View Data Point Usage

A project owner can see how many data points have been sent or how much of an Engagement and People plan has been consumed in either the Management or the Billing Plan menus of a Mixpanel report.  

Note that only the project owner has access to this information and that other team members who view Billing Plans and Management menus will not see accurate data point tallies here.

Billing Plans

To see how much of a plan has been consumed, select Account information from the dropdown underneath the current user's initials in the upper right corner of a project, then select the Billing Plan tab.


If you are the owner of a project, you can see a summary of how much of your plan has been used so far under Billing Plans. This will include data for all projects under that plan. 


It is possible to view the data usage of individual projects by selecting the View usage by project option.


This will provide a breakdown of each project and how much of the total event count it has used. 



To see how many data points have been used, select Project settings from the settings gear dropdown in the upper right corner of a project, then select the Management tab.



You can see how many data points you’ve sent and how many People Profiles you have for a specific, single project via the Management menu.

In this example, this particular project has sent 2,363,073 data points this month and has 1,698,834 People Profiles stored:


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