How do I reset my project key, secret, or token?

If you are the project owner, you can reset your project’s API Key and API Secret via the account settings menu. Note that it is not possible to reset just the API Key or just the API Secret; clicking the RESET button will reset both the API Key and Secret:



  1. Click your name in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project.
  2. Select Account from the dropdown
  3. Click Projects.
  4. Click RESET for the project API Key and Secret you’d like to reset.

WARNING: Resetting the API Key and Secret will break any import/export operations, so be sure you don’t have any processes relying on these credentials before you reset them. It’s best practice to coordinate with your other team members to ensure no processes rely off of the existing security credentials.

Your project token

There isn’t a way to reset your project token via the Mixpanel UI, but if you need the token reset, please reach out to for further assistance and guidance.

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