Set up SSO with Okta

It is possible to set up single sign-on in Mixpanel using Okta. Please read the general SSO set-up overview to understand the general process. Please note that only project owners can set up SSO.

Find Your Public Certificate

Your X.509 certificate is what allows users signing in through a third-party identity provider to be authenticated by Mixpanel without supplying a username and password. Each identity provider account has a unique X.509 certificate that will need to be uploaded to Mixpanel during the single sign-on setup process.

  1. Under the "Applications" tab in Okta, select the Mixpanel app and click on the Sign On tab.
  2. Under the SAML 2.0 section, click View Setup Instructions, and scroll down to "Configuration Data".
  3. Click Download certificate in the second entry to download your certificate.

Find your authentication URL

  1. Under the "Applications" tab in Okta, select the Mixpanel app, and click on the Sign On tab.
  2. Under the "SAML 2.0" section, click View Setup Instructions and scroll down to "Configuration Data".
  3. You will find your Authentication URL in the third entry labeled Redirect Login URL. 

Setup Instructions

  1. Sign into Okta as an Admin2017-06-29_21_13_24.170991-Okta1.png
  2. Go to Add Applications from the Admin Dashboard okta2.png
  3. Search for "Mixpanel", then click Add2017-06-29_21_14_00.240000-Okta3.png
  4. Switch over to your Mixpanel project, go to "SSO Settings", and copy the URL in the field called Postback URL.
  5. Switch back to Okta, and paste your Mixpanel postback URL to Okta under Postback URL, Recipient, and Destination.
  6. Set Audience Restriction to "Mixpanel", and set Name ID Format to "EmailAddress".
  7. Ensure Response is set to "Unsigned", and click Next to add Okta users to the Mixpanel app.
  8. Once you have added users, click Next to complete the setup process.
  9. Return to your Mixpanel project, and set up single sign-on there using your public certificate and authentication URL.
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